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Welcome to Alfanuclear's web page. Here you will find information about our main products:

  • IM512P Data and Image Processor for Gamma Cameras. You can see the changes in the newer versions of the software by clicking on What´s new? in IM512P section or directly from here.

  • Refurbished Gamma Cameras and Upgrades for several models.

  • New! ACTusb Dose Calibrator with ionization chamber whose old console has been replaced by a tablet with touchscreen.

  • Radiation Monitors.

  • New! Thyroid Uptake System. The spectrometer interface is a tablet with touchscreen. It can be used also with a well counter.

Alfanuclear is an Argentine company founded in 1960, dedicated to manufacturing and selling Nuclear Medicine devices.

   We sell our products in many countries, including USA (where our IM512P is known as NuQuest).


Contact us:

  • Phone: (54 11) 4566-1202 / 5119

  • Fax: (54 11) 4566-5822
  • Mail Address: Elpidio González 4717 - C1407GBC - Ciudad de Buenos Aires - R. Argentina
  • E-mail Address: General Info: info@alfanuclear.com
                            Sales: sales@alfanuclear.com